Over indulgence
Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer incorporated! Hi I’m Wayne, and this is Garth.
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Donkeys sure are interesting.
That’s just asinine
My friends
Plastered walls

It’s a lot to ask for your love.
It’s too hard to look for your heart.
It’s exhausting to think that for once
I would look into your eyes and realize
I meant something more to you when we smiled

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Rock n’ Roll
This is how you make me feel.
Well I’m scared of ever being born again
If it’s in this form again
Well I wanna know how why where and when and then
I wanna see you be the bright night sky
I wanna see you come back as the light Seahorse -Devendra Banhart
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Stiching in and out of our own sullen ground. Seeding and tending. Tending to the seed. A strip of light, sly like smoke, seaping through the pages of time that no longer exists.

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♬ Just found Gangsta by ScHoolboy Q on #SoundHound for Android.

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Exactly what the fuck is normal?

….normal, huh?

Da fwack?!